Elon Musk Hair Transplant – Lessons learnt!!

Elon Musk Hair Transplant - Lessons learnt!!

Elon Musk is probably one of the finest visionary of this 21st century. His business models, research and innovation in themselves are a foundation on which researchers and tech analysts do extensive study. He is the founder, CEO, and Chief Engineer at SpaceX.

He applied the same theory of long term planning, when he decided to restore his receding hairline.  Who better than Elon Musk to guide us all about how to plan your hair transplant journey, keeping long term goals in mind.

His hair thinning and recession began somewhere in late 90’s. In the below mentioned picture of around 1999, you can see hairline receding as well as significant thinning in the front portion, though his crown, back and side portions had quite a good density of hair. He then probably got a transplant done around early 2000 (most likely by FUT method as visible as a thin strip scar). He didn’t bring his hairline much lower during his first transplant, which was an extremely smart move because in case of progressive thinning , a lower hairline may prove to be a big liability for life.

His journey went pretty well. He seemed to sustain his hair well. He went for another procedure probably around 2008-2010, again likely with a FUT method only(as evident in few of his pictures). This time he brought his hairline a little lower. At this point of time FUE was already very popular. But still he opted for FUT which reflects the role of FUT in long term planning of sustainable hair transplant results. 

This reinforces the role of FUT and its relevance if a man of Elon Musk’s stature and intellect chose it not just once but twice.

During his two supposed surgeries he must have used at least 3500-4000 grafts by FUT method. If he had opted for FUE, then with 4000 grafts his donor area would have become depleted, and also some of the grafts would have to be taken from the unsafe donor zone. The biggest advantage of FUT over FUE is not just that we can extract higher number of grafts, but also that we can take these grafts from the safe donor zone, which in turn leads to lesser probability of thinning of transplanted hair.

Medicines especially finasteride have role in sustaining results. But it is unlikely that he is taking this medicine for that long, as issues of tolerance would have also come into picture by now. Another possibility is that he is on a very low dose of finasteride like 1/5 th or 1/7 th dose instead of having 1 mg per day.

Lessons that one should learn from Elon Musk before planning their hair transplant journey:

  1. He did not go fora low hairline in the beginning & waited for 7 years to lower it once he established some kind of stability. 
  2. In year 2008-9 he again got FUT, to lower the hairline. 2 FUT surgeries gave him around 4000 grafts, which is a good number & had he gone for FUEalone, that many grafts won’t have been possible and donor area would have become empty.
  3. The results of hair transplant are still persisting as both the times it was FUT and the grafts were taken from the safe donor zone. 
  4. There is very high probability thathis hair thinning got stabilized on its own with lifestyle modifications as it does in so many patients. Not everyone with hair thinning goes to grade 7.
  5. He did his research, planned for a long time sustainable results and was patient enough to do it in stages rather than putting all his resources at stake in one go!

So its clear from Elon Musk’s hair transplant journey that prior planning is utmost important if you wish to have long term, sustainable results with minimal dependence on medicines. As Dr. Shaiil famously says, “Hair Transplant is a journey, not a destination.”

You need to plan it right to get it right !!! 

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