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Beard Transplant – Procedure, Results & Cost in India

Men often visit us at Satya Hair Solutions for beard transplants. It involves two scenarios; one is enhancing an existing beard and the other is implanting a new one by transplanting the scalp hair to the beard and moustache area. For a few men, the beard might not grow uniformly on the face resulting in patchy facial hair instead of a stylish, well-groomed beard. Some people are not satisfied with their beard shape or density and hence wish to alter the same. Another set of patients are those who have developed a scar on the beard or moustache area resulting in permanent loss of hair over that area and need filling in by transplant. But we are here to fulfill your wish for a full-grown beard on your face. It is worth investing in a beard transplant with Satya Clinic as they say, “Sometimes your beard can speak larger than words”. We have a pool of highly qualified dermatologists and hair transplant surgeons who have both the skills and experience to deliver natural and sustainable beard transplant results. If you are looking for a beard transplant in Delhi, your research will bring you to SATYA!

How do we proceed with a beard transplant?

Our doctors will first evaluate your skin type, age, appearance of other sexual characteristics, and condition of scalp hair to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for a beard transplant or not. A candidate must have healthy hair follicles which will be harvested from the back of the head. 

The surgeon will examine the scalp and decide whether there are enough follicular units to be used for transplant. However, if the surgeon doesn’t find sufficient hair follicles to harvest, he may recommend alternative treatment. Medical examinations are carried out by our doctors. Tests determine whether the candidate is suitable for the procedure.

We implement either follicular unit extraction (FUE) or follicular unit transplantation (FUT) to grow a beard on your face. Both procedures require between 1500 to 5000 hair follicle grafts or more from the back of the head, usually leveling with the ears or a little lower position, and then implanting them on the face. The number of grafts required depends on your current state and growth of your beard, the desired beard shape and density, and most importantly the available donor area. It is also done keeping in mind the patient’s facial aesthetics.


The technique of harvesting grafts, i.e., FUE or FUT is decided by your doctor depending on the required grafts and the state of your donor area on the scalp.


On the day of the consultation, your surgeon will make a beard shape depending on your expectations, based on which the graft requirement is decided. Once the surgeon harvests the follicles from the head, he will inject local anesthesia into the area of your face where the implants will be placed. He will then implant the follicles into the facial skin and shape the new beard in a way you and the surgeon agreed on before proceeding with the surgery.

Recovery time

A tiny crust in the form of scabsforms around each newly implanted hair follicle, but these fall off within a few days. Our doctors advise the patients regarding the proper post-operative care including how to wash the grafted area, and how to take care of the implanted grafts. Usually, new beard hair starts falling out from 2-3 weeks onwards and this shedding phase may continue until 3 months, which is normal and paves the way for new beard hair to grow. In about 4-5 months beard completes its growth, and most hair follicles settle in place. Usually, the beard begins to gain coverage after four months of the surgery and grows into a full beard by nine months.

Our suggestions to the patients

Our doctors recommend instructions to follow the beard transplantation surgery. A person with a beard transplant should avoid doing the following activities during the initial period
  • Smoking
  • Swimming
  • Taking a sauna bath or hot tub
  • Touching, rubbing, scrubbing, and scratching the area
  • Exposure to direct sunlight.
  • The patient should not consume alcohol three days before the surgery.
  • No anti-inflammatory medicines should be consumed three days before the surgery.
  • The patient should not drink coffee or other caffeinated drinks in the morning. It increases bleeding and enhances sensitivity to the treatment.
Patients are encouraged to maintain a good lifestyle, healthy diet, and regular exercise.

Why it is important to choose the right center for a beard transplant?

Each area in a beard transplant is like a mini hairline and needs very careful and precise graft placement at perfect angles.  Incompetent transplant can result in 
  • Unnatural results
  • Inappropriate shape 
  • Cobble stone appearance – one of the most dreadful complications. 
We take a comprehensive approach to all the procedures and understand our patient’s concerns. If you are looking for a beard transplant, your research will land you at Satya Hair Solutions which is best known for giving sustainable and natural results.

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