A Wise man once said,“ Fool me once – shame on you; Fool me twice – Shame on me!”

Dr. Shaiil believes hair transplant to be a life long journey and not a single stop destination. Therefore, he mentors all his patients & guides them on this road of hair restoration.
SATYA is known for handling difficult critical repair cases single-handedly. Satya has been a leader when it comes to repair hair transplant because of these qualities:
1. Satya clinic is India’s premium clinic that serves all surgical and non surgical hair treatments from FUT, FUE, body hair transplant, synthetic hair implants, SMP etc under one roof.
2. Satya stands strongly on the foundation of truth and we give our patients an honest assessmentof their current situation. This helps in setting a realistic and sustainable expectation for them.
3. Dr. Shaiil’s theory of “Less grafts, more coverage”, leads to an efficient utilisation of donor area in an artistic way so as to give you a natural and rejuvenated look even with less no of grafts. This becomes particularly important in repair cases with an already exhausted donor.
4. We’ve fixed cases that many surgeons around the world won’t even attempt. Anyone who has had a terrible hair transplant experience will naturally conduct a careful and exhaustive research. We are sure that your research will lead you to nowhere but SATYA !


A repair transplant surgery involves multiple steps and should be done with a multidimensional approach. Some of the procedures done during repair transplant include:

  1. Removal of Grafts:
    The incorrectly placed grafts from the previous surgery need to be extracted and new grafts are placed in the right angles, right orientation and at the right place. A previously too low hairline is modified to bring it to an appropriate level, where the patient can sustain it. Slits are closed in a neat and orderly fashion.
  2. Camouflage:
    New grafts are retrieved and transplanted on the front and top of the scalp to cover the bald area. This camouflaging is done both by placing new grafts in some cases employing SMP (Scalp micropigmentation)

when the donor reserve is pretty much exhausted. The main focus in a repair hair transplant is to work on the hairline making it natural and sustainable and to cover the bald areas on the front and crown portion as much as possible. A second session may be required in some circumstances. When the hair regrowth from the first restoration session is complete, the second session is conducted after 8-12 months.

A patient can get a cosmetically bad scar either from FUT or FUE hair restoration surgery. When it comes to hair transplantation, strip surgery is one of the most efficient method to retrieve large number of grafts, but the major downside is the large scar that it creates on the donor site if done incorrectly by an inexperienced surgeon.
This problem can be resolved by:

  • The scar can be excised and resutured by trichophytic closure in cases of broad FUT scars.
  • Micro-pigmentation is a technique for concealing hair loss by applying pigment to the exposed area.
  • Scar grafting- some grafts can be inserted into scars to hide them.

Scars can be corrected using our hair specialist’s innovative process of follicular unit extraction (FUE) and grafting, which involves filling up the area with healthy hair follicles one by one. This not only conceals the scar but also allows the patient to cut their hair short and feel confident that their bruise is no longer appearing.


Because of the damage to the scalp caused by previous procedures, repair surgeries are complicated and tedious. Furthermore, it causes a significant loss of self-confidence and requires continuous therapy sessions to re-establish trust in hair restoration and its benefits.
At Satya, we listen to the query of the patient and provide 100% repair hair results to re-build the trust and faith in doctors and technology.
Things you get to experience at SATYA clinic:

  • The patient is given a clear understanding after a thorough assessment and counselling.
  • A new hairline is finalized most suitable for the patient. Different elements that influence outcomes and what might be expected are discussed.
  • The patient must constantly remember that the first hair transplant has the
    best probability of succeeding. It’s all about making a bad situation better
    with a repair.

Over the last few years, Satya Hair Clinic has successfully done over 400 critical repair procedures under the leadership and proficiency of Dr Shaiil Gupta.
Always choose quality and skill over and above anything else. Choose the best place, to get the best results!