hair transplant journey

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single first step and the secret to a successful journey lies in getting this first step perfect!

As Dr. Shaiil famously says, “Hair Transplant is a journey, not a destination”. The first step in this journey is your assessment by a qualified dermatologist. Assessment helps in giving a vision to both the patient and the transplant surgeon. Hair restoration is a journey which can be planned only after proper assessment by the doctor. Every patient has a different stage & progression of baldness, different donor density and different expectations.


What is the importance of assessment prior to the transplant?

As one shoe cannot fit all, likewise a single hair transplant plan will not work in all cases. Your donor is very precious, hence we insist you to plan it only after having all your facts correct.

An assessment prior to planning a transplant is crucial for judiciously using your donor and making a customized treatment plan for you. There are certain decisions which we need to make during our initial assessment before transplant. This includes the techniques for transplant (FUT or FUE) the donor area to be used (scalp, beard or body hair), whether to start medicines or not and if yes, then the frequency and dose for the same. Also, most importantly, more often than not, there lies a huge gap between one’s expectations and the possible achievable results. A physical assessment would help a lot in bridging this gap between your expectations & reality. It also helps to dispel any misconceptions and falsehoods that you might have come across during your search for hair transplant.

An assessment includes a detailed proper history and clinical evaluation covering the following things:

  • Family History : A positive family history of advanced or early progressive baldness may give some indication to the progression of baldness in the patient.
  • Lifestyle : An unhealthy sedentary lifestyle, consumption of smoking, alcohol etc constitute bad prognostic factors while considering hair restoration.
  • Medical history : This is important with regards to the medicines taken for hairloss and also the medication which the patient is taking for other ailments like hypertension, dyslipidemia, diabetes etc. Medicines for hairloss like finasteride, minoxidil etc. have a tendency to develop tolerance on prolonged use, though the period might vary from person to person. People taking full dose of medicines have relatively higher chance of developing tolerance earlier.
  • Donor assessment : Donor assessment is done keeping in mind, not just the current state of baldness but also with a plan to have some safe reservoir to accommodate future progression of hair thinning and hair loss. Its also important to check the feasibility of FUT and FUE technique and to estimate the number of grafts that can be safely extracted from the safe donor zone on scalp by combination or by either of the techniques alone. It is also important to assess the state of alternate donor areas like beard and body hairs, if need be there in future.
  • Grade of baldness and progression of disease: Hairloss is progressive though the pace of progression may vary from person to person and also in the same person it may vary from time to time. The grade of baldness and progression with respect to age is the most important factor to decide the treatment plan including the number of grafts and the use of medicines. Also in high grade baldness we need to combine both the techniques, FUT and FUE to harvest a large number of grafts.
  • Patient’s expectations : Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a more persistent one!

Albert Einstein

Patients facing baldness or hairloss issues are either living in fear, insecurity and lack of self acceptance or they are under the false illusion created by overhyped marketing, fake celebrity endorsements and false claims which sets their expectations at a level which might not be possible to achieve.

Here comes the most vital role of consultation. The doctor not only assesses the patients and make them understand their actual condition but also sets realistic expectations for them. The gap between reality and illusion can be bridged only by the doctor after proper assessment.



A good plan is like a road map; it shows the final destination and usually the best way to get there!

Stanley Judd

A successful hair transplant is not a miracle, but careful execution of a good plan with skill and precision. At Satya, we aim to give you natural yet sustainable results and at the same time judiciously use your donor area without depleting the same.

Modes of Consultation

Our panel of experts are available for your assistance through both physical and virtual modes of consultation. You can now plan your hair restoration journey from the comfort of your home, as is done by many of our patients from all across the globe. You can opt for either a physical or a virtual consultation with Dr. Shaiil Gupta and his team of experts, which will include your proper assessment and creation of a customised long term treatment plan for your hair restoration journey.

Online consultation also helps you to start taking other measures including topical and oral medicines under the supervision of doctors. This helps in sustaining your existing hairs and better outcome of your hair transplant which you might be planning in future.

What is the role of planning before hair transplant?

There are basically three resources that the surgeon should judiciously use to give you natural yet sustainable results, namely, Donor, PRP and medicine. As we know that hair loss is progressive and you may continue thinning of hair after the transplant as well. Planning needs to be done in terms of the extent of use of the donor, choice of extraction technique, number of grafts required and the introduction of medicine. All these factors are then weighed against your expectations and then one customised plan is devised for you.

Hairline Designing

Hairline designing is the most vital step of hair transplant. It is one of the major denominators defining the success of the hair transplant. A beautiful hairline requires not just good density, but more importantly artistic placements of grafts at precise angles making it look both dense and natural. Satya has been a consistent pioneer in giving their patients a “Mimic nature hairlineTM

More often than not we are fascinated by a certain hairline of our favourite celebrity icons or fixated on our own hairline that we had at a younger age. These favoured biases then force us to opt for a lower hairline. But remember, this is not a mad race for density or coverage or lowest possible hairline.

Hairline should not be made to please others, instead it should be made based on your age, stage and progression of baldness, donor availability and your facial aesthetics. When it comes to hairline designing, choose a clinic which will try to give you an aesthetically pleasing age appropriate hairline, which will be natural yet sustainable for long. Its also important to keep in mind that even after transplant , your hairline may show recession and thinning. So plan your hairline only after a detailed discussion regarding the sustainance of the results and the requirement of medicines to maintain it.

Judicious use of the donor

Your donor is very precious, once damaged it can’t be revived back!

There is no single golden rule to decide the use of donor area. Instead a calculated decision is made regarding the appropriate use of the donor area depending on the age of presentation, stage and progression of baldness, donor density and elasticity, state of alternate donor areas like beard, body hair etc and patients’ long term expectations.

Donor can be judiciously used only by the doctor who is well versed in all the different techniques of hair restoration as he will be able to combine them thereby having maximum benefit and minimising the limitations and side effects. This becomes more relevant in patients with high grade baldness where we need to combine the techniques to harvest large no of grafts from the safe donor zone and in young patients where baldness might be progressive mandating a second transplant in future.

There are many myths floating around the techniques of extraction namely FUT and FUE, created by inexperienced unskilled persons for their convenience. Both these techniques have their own advantages and limitations. FUE, though is in rage these days, can be used alone only when the number    of grafts required is less. Also its crucial for you to know that FUE once done should never be repeated during a second transplant otherwise it will destroy your donor. In Dr. Shaiil’s words “A second repeat FUE is a CRIME”.

For a successful and sustainable transplant you need a mentor like Dr. Shaiil who has all the available weapons in his arsenal I.e FUE, FUT, SMP, Synthetic transplant, Body hair transplant etc.

Role of Medicine

Many of the flashy results that you see and dream about are based solely on the use of full dose of medicine. It not only exaggerates the results of an average and bad hair transplant by masking the wrongly placed sparse number of grafts but also sets unrealistic expectations in patients with advanced baldness and limited donor. Medicine has the potential to improve the miniaturised hairs and can  dramatically increase the magnitude of hair transplant results in terms of hairline aesthetics, density and coverage. It improves not just the recipient area, but the donor area as well. We, at Satya Clinic, are neither in favour nor against any medicine. However we do emphasize on the optimum use of the medicine in “the right person, right time, right dose”.


There are two ways of giving medicine namely

  1. As a blanket treatment to all the patients in full dose : This will undoubtedly give you miraculous results but the bubble of your happiness might burst soon, once you develop either side effects or tolerance to the medicine or you stop taking it. These results though wonderful are short lived.
  2. Using the optimal dose in the right patient and at the right time: This is the preferred approach at Satya as we are looking for our patients’ long term benefits and not a short term glory for ourselves. Starting medicine at low doses reduces dependence and the chances of developing tolerance are also delayed.

The second approach which is conservative but beneficial requires proper planning at the beginning itself. So don’t wait any longer. Plan it Right and Plan it Now with Satya!



Satya is the only clinic in the world, which does all the hair restoration techniques (FUE, FUT, synthetic hair, MHT technique, Body hair transplant, Repair Transplant, Long hair transplant, SMP and various combinations of these) under one roof. This gives you the freedom to choose the best approach customised to your needs. With an experience of more than 20 years, Satya has witnessed more than 80K plus hair transplants and has successfully completed more than 20K plus repair hair transplants. Satya, to its credit, has done a record number of 18k synthetic fibre implant in patient in a single session over 3 days.

Satya has also the credit of doing as many as With such a magnanimous number of patients , most of whom are still in follow up, Satya has been able to create standard guidelines and protocols regarding hair transplant techniques, role of medicine and the sustenance of results in the long term. This experience is visible in the sustainability of the results at Satya!

Dr Shaiil believes in continuous development and tries to make Satya the best version of itself through technological advancements and innovations. Satya is equipped with the most advanced state of the art technology, high-quality instruments including high definition magnification loupes and advanced microscopes to aid in precise dissection of grafts and one of the most experienced and well-trained OT teams. 

At Satya, you can always rest assured about the quality in terms of choosing the procedure and doing it with a full check on quality control. We have equipped our OT with the most advanced, microscopes, magnifying loops and a large well-trained team to assist the surgery. The outcomes of any surgical procedure depend not just on the skills of the surgeon but also on the training of the transplant team and the sterilisation measures taken in the OT. It is a crucial step to avoid post-transplant infection & other complications. We follow a strict protocol at par with the standard international guidelines for surgical unit operations.

All the precautions are taken in terms of sterilisation and hygiene during transplant surgeries. All the surgeries are done under Satya’s Zero Pain Anaesthesia making the whole experience painless and comfortable for the patients.

Great things are never done by a person alone, but by a team of talented people!                                 

The OT team has been properly trained under Dr Shaiil’s guidance and is updated in the recent technological advances from time to time. We make sure that not just our experts but the staff also gets upgraded training from time to time. Dr. Shaiil himself Satya aims to give you an artistic yet natural transplant under the best of a sterilised hygienic and safe environment.

Post Transplant Support

Post Transplant Support

A true mentor will always hold your hand and guide you along the twists & turns of your path. Your mentor in hair transplant is important, so choose one wisely! 

In Dr Shaiil’s words,”Hair Transplant is a journey and not a destination” and once you choose Satya, Dr. Shaiil becomes the life long mentor of your hair restoration journey. When you opt hair transplant, you enter an entirely new domain, and hence would require support & guidance from time to time. You will get many doubts during your hair restoration journey. Hairloss is a progressive condition and hence require frequent monitoring and a change in treatment plan, as and when required.

Everything is possible, if you have the right people supporting you!

At Satya, our team of doctors and counsellors are always just a call away to answer your querries even after the transplant is done and the results are visible. The period between transplant and the appearance of results seems quite tedious and worrisome for the patients. Our counsellors and experts are there with you on each step to guide you, motivate you and reassure you. The progression of disease and its impact on the transplanted and existing hair vary from person to person and only an expert can give you the right advise most suitable for you.

There are two approaches of planning hair transplant. One is to have a blanket treatment which uses full dose of medicine for every patient irrespective of their requirement. Starting full dose of medicine along with transplant can boost transplant results upto 60-80%. But these results will not sustain once you stop the medicine either because of the side effects or tolerance. This approach is much easier & profitable for the doctor & clinic but it will cost you a lot in terms of wastage of donor, non-sustainable results, trust, money and time.

The other approach is to make a customised plan which takes a lot of effort and time by the surgeon and cooperation from the patient. Here we optimise the use of all resources (donor, medicines, PRP) in the right dose, at the right time and in the right patient. On the other hand, limited and planned use of medicine, will give you a natural, sustainable result. This approach can be fruitful only when the patients maintain regular followup with us so that we can monitor the progress of the miniaturisation as well as its impact on transplanted hairs. This acts as a guide which helps us to make timely alterations in your treatment plan.

 There are crucial decisions to be made in follow up visits after transplant which include decision about the need of a second transplant or regarding the use of medicine or PRP. Hence regular folloups after transplant are as important as the actual transplant itself!

Once you enter Satya, you come under the wings of Dr. Shaiil’s guidance and from then onwards we work as a team to guide you towards your best possible.


We don’t give excuses, we give Results!

Satya has been spreading smiles amongst it’s patients for last more than 20 years. Satya aims to give results which are natural and sustainable. Satya’s famous “Nature mimic Hairline” is a precise combination of art and science. We work on the principle of “Less grafts more coverage” thereby preserving your donor and at the same time delivering the desired results.

“All that glitters is not gold”!  

While going through the results of different places, you tend to compare them in terms of density, coverage, level of hairline, and no. of grafts promised, and of course the cost at which they are promised. As a patient, it becomes difficult for you to sometimes differentiate between real transplant results and medicine boosted results. You can get lured by boosted results, fake celebrity endorsement and flashy marketing gimmicks. Try to look beyond these and see the wider picture. One of the key factors to determine the success of the results is their sustainability and natural appearance.


Hair Transplant results are broadly of two types

  1. Flashy but short lived : Smart people learn from their mistakes, but really smart ones learn from other’s mistakes! Results produced solely by the dependence on medicines look miraculous but are short lived. Medicine not only exaggerates the results by improving the miniaturised hair but also hides the inferior quality of surgical work done. These results will last only till you take medicine, and even after that there is always a chance of developing tolerance after which you will be back to ground level or even in a worse condition than before.
  2. Natural yet sustainable : An experienced surgeon would be able to give you a natural result solely based on his surgical skills and expertise, though he may choose to use a calculated optimum low dose of medicine to prevent the process of miniaturisation, if required. The advantage here would be, that even if you stop medicine or develop tolerance or side effects to it, still your transplant results will continue to look natural.

The results at Satya are created by a strategic and artistic placement of grafts which gives you a beautiful aesthetic appearance and enhance your facial aesthetics as well. At Satya, we do not aim for one short term glory, instead strive hard for long term benefit of our patients. It takes a lot of skill, courage and hard work to create an impeccable, natural looking hairline without taking the help of medicine. The results created at Satya are done not just to please your present but also to take care of your future requirements as well.

Dr Shaiil’s results are miraculous not just in terms of a natural hairline, coverage and a perfect merging of transplanted and existing hairs but they are also created keeping in mind the patient’s facial aesthetics, choice of hair styling, overall personality and possible future requirement .

Satya Hair Solutions strives to be the premier provider of innovative and sustainable hair care solutions. We want to help people look and feel their best, with a range of hair treatment that helps you look aesthetically beautiful.

We are Satya Hair Solutions, a team of passionate hair experts dedicated to helping our clients feel their most confident. Our goal is to help everyone who walks through our doors look and feel their very best. We understand that the way we wear our hair can have a huge impact on how we present ourselves to the world, and we strive to make sure each one of our clients leaves looking and feeling amazing.

Satya Hair Solutions is dedicated to providing customers with the highest-quality hair treatments. Through our commitment to excellence and ethical practices, we aim to deliver superior results that exceed customer expectations, while promoting sustainable business practices that benefit the environment

Satya Hair Solutions is the go-to destination for anyone seeking top-of-the-line hair care services. With a team of experienced professionals, Satya provides comprehensive solutions to all types of hair issues. Their experts are well-versed in the latest trends and use cutting edge tools and technologies to give clients the best results possible.

Whether you’re looking for a complete transformation or simply want to maintain your current look – Satya will ensure you walk out with confidence!

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Our founders are experts in the field of hair restoration, driven by a passion for helping patients regain their confidence and have been pioneer in Repair Hair Transplants to achieve their hair goals

Dr. Shaiil Gupta

MD, Dermatologist, Hair Transplant Surgeon

Dr. Ruchi Agarwal

MD, Dermatologist, Hair Transplant Surgeon