FUT+FUE hair transplant 4700 Grafts

Abhinav had grade 6 baldness & a good donor area. Such patients the obvious choice is a combination surgery including FUT & FUE both. Most of the clinics these days are doing only FUE, & claim very high number of grafts by just FUE, which is not possible by one technique alone. Secondly whatever number we get by FUE, by adding FUT along with it we can maximise our harvest.

That is exactly what we do in our MHT (Maximum Harvest Technique). This is a very simple fact, but many a times a lot of people don’t realise this as they fall prey to the propaganda which all FUE clinics do in order to confuse the patient. And since a lot of people across the globe are a part of this conspiracy, due to repeated information from multiple sources, people have started believing this.

We did a combination of FUT & FUE for him. The entire work was done by scalp alone, not bringing beard or other body parts in picture, which obviously is no match to the scalp hair. We planned for 4500 grafts, 1500 by FUE & 3000 by FUT. However in FUT we got more than 3000 grafts (this can happen in some patients). So the additional number of grafts were implanted without charging him.

NOTE: But see this can happen with clinics which love & are honest about the number of grafts, unlike places where you find very high number committed to every patient, even without examining the patient. So choose the clinic very carefully after paying attention to these minor facts.

The entire area from front to the crown was covered in a single go. The surgery was done on two consecutive days, where FUE was done on day one & FUT the next day. This again is possible because of combination of FUT & FUE. This busts the common myth that crown area can’t be covered, hair don’t grow in the crown area, this can’t be done in single session etc.

Another issue or myth is about the scar of FUT, as you can see in 15 days post op pictures, the area has healed nicely and hair are even growing through the scar tissue. This is obviously a big saving grace for the donor as the same number of grafts by FUE alone was not just possible (however you will find a lot of clinics across the globe committing such fake numbers) & even if somebody succeeds to take out that many, just imagine what would be the condition of his donor post surgery.

So it is very important to get yourself assessed at the right place & the right surgeon who is able to do justice to your donor with his skills & expertise in both FUT & FUE. We will keep updating the progress of Mr. Abhinav.

Pre OP

Immediate Post OP

15 Days Post FUT+FUE Hair Transplant 4700 Grafts