FUT hair transplant 3000 Grafts

this is a case of thinning in the crown area and the thinning was also extending to the periphery. There was also recession of hairline in the frontal area and temples were also thinning in this patient. Crown area has always been considered as a challenge and not everybody attempts it. Most of the people do crown area only in cases where the donor is excellent. Crown area has a lot of myths associated with it. People say that grafts don’t survive in the crown area or it can’t be covered in single session along with the front. Well all that is a bluff. If we do only FUE, we don’t get enough number of grafts, then all the cooked up stories. So correct selection of technique & the surgeon is very important. In this patient since we were addressing the crown, temples and the hairline, we needed 3000 grafts by FUT. In this case FUT & FUE, both the methods were possible and the pros and cons were explained to the patient & final decision was left on him. We believe that knowledge is the best tool to make the correct choice.

The surgery was done in a single session and the serial pictures show improvement which is very natural and subtle and nobody can make out that a transplant has been done. The surgery had a huge impact on the self acceptance of the patient and we are really fortunate to see such a lovely transformation in his life. Sahil learnt a lot of things in this journey and we also learnt a lot of positivity and motivation from sahil. Now that’s what you call a true transformation.

Pre OP

Hair Transplant Pre OP

15 Days Post OP

3 Months Post OP

After 8 Months FUT hair transplant 3000 Grafts