FUT hair transplant 3000 Grafts

FUT hair transplant 3000 Grafts

Goodwin had grade 5-6 baldness, with very small miniaturised hair left. In such cases we need to evaluate the patient’s age, progression of baldness, donor possibilities & expectations. Keeping a good donor reserve in hand is also very important, so that we don’t end up consuming the entire donor area in one go. 

These days there is a mad race of filling & showing results with maximum utilisation of the resources.

We did 3000 Grafts by FUT method. The advantages being:

A. We got consolidated number in one go itself.

B. The demography of the donor area is not disturbed.

C. The density in untouched donor is not disturbed at all.

D. A lot of multigrafts are still left in the donor, which can be used later on.

6 months post op pictures show amazing coverage & very natural looking hairline changes.

The patient is on alternate days minoxidil application & biotin & nutritional supplements. 

We have not started finasteride as yet. 

Had we done 3000 FUE surgery in the same patient, we would have got even more number of hair per graft. That means approximately 1.5 multiplication in FUT= 3000^1.5= 4500 hair

As compared to FUE= 3000^2.0= 6000 Hair.

If the multiplication is more then FUE can give even more number of hair, so you can’t compare 4500 hair with 6000-7500 hair.

That also means we are consuming it now & not leaving it for future.

Many a times when you see results, patients have been given finasteride because of which the growth looks very thick, but this is not gonna stay long, as soon as the patient stops finasteride, these hair will fall.

While comparing results, you might notice that for the same area for similar results, the resources might differ:-

  1. FUE means more consumption of donor in one go.
  2. If the patient is put on finasteride, you might not be seeing actual result.
  3. For same area people are consuming very high numbers 4000-5000, that too FUE (from where do they get, is still a mystery & the bigger mystery is where do these grafts go?)
  4. Hairloss is a progressive condition & even the transplanted hair may thin out over a period of time. One has to use the resources thoughtfully, but there is a mad race of just filling in, with whatever is available in terms of grafts, medicines or PRPs.

So taking a break & giving a deep insightful thought to your exact needs makes sense, for which you need guidance & mentoring from doctors, who actually care for you.

Had we given finasteride, it would have further enhanced the results sometimes so much so that you can’t even imagine. But we follow a patient centric approach, where the long term interests of the patient are kept in mind. 

This means not using the entire donor in one go and not using all the possible medicines in one go.

Pre OP

Post bandage

15 Days Post OP

1 Month Post OP

2 Months Post OP

2 Months Post OP

8 Months Post OP

Final FUT hair transplant 3000 Grafts