FUT hair transplant 2800 Grafts

Crown is always considered to be a difficult area as far as hair restoration is concerned. Many people think that crown hair transplant does not succeed, some think that hair don’t grow in the crown area. Many also think that crown improves on medicine & there is no need to transplant in that area.

Now all that is a myth. There are some other theories which state that FUT hair transplant can cause a big scar at back of your head.

Naeem had baldness in the crown area extending to the middle of scalp & the hair line was intact. We did 2800 FUT grafts for him & you can see an amazing transformation & nice coverage.

The result becomes even more significant because this was FUT, where we don’t have choice to choose the multigrafts, unlike FUE. This means less number of hair for the same number of grafts as compared to FUE.

But it also means more multigrafts still remaining in the donor for future use.
Moreover if you take a look at the donor, because of trichophytic closure technique there is hardly any scar visible.

Crown area hair transplant is very tricky and needs artistic skills to create the natural whorl pattern.

DSFT hair transplant 1200 Grafts