FUT hair transplant 2200 Grafts

Mr. Akash had baldness affecting the frontal area and his temples were also affected. Before coming to Satya he had consulted other clinics also. Most of the clinics were telling him to go for 3500-4000 grafts, mostly by FUE method or very few by FUT but the common finding was no. of grafts which was consistently very high in all the clinics. He came to know about Satya clinic by watching our videos & website. After understanding the expectations & evaluation of donor area. We decided to do 2200 grafts by FUT method & AGF treatment was done for the crown area to strengthen the hair growth. Sometimes cost becomes a major concern for the patient understandably so, But it is your permanent donor zone which is at stake. In the same area we can put even more number of grafts, but we should ideally secure

Some grafts for future in the donor. If we do FUE & same number of grafts, it will give more density, but all the multi grafts will be gone. So it is always better to plan it rather than take a decision on haste or fear or misinformation. Patient had doubts about FUT, scar and pain. All the doubts were cleared. 15 days post op pictures show excellent coverage. One has to plan the surgery in guidance of an honest & experienced surgeon& in just 4 months time most of the portion is covered. In 6 months you can see the amazing transformation. Hair look amazing. Hairline looks very natural and Temple area was created on both the sides. Satya’s unique mimic nature hairline which is different for every person. No hair line is ever repeated at Satya. There is hardly any FUT scar because of trichophytic closure technique

The donor density is not affected and it is good to go for another FUT surgery or even FUE surgery. Now that’s what you call a complete transformation. We are happy to be a part of Akash’s transformation.

Satya is a place where:

  • Science meets art
  • Skill meets honesty
  • Passion meets compassion

15 Days Post OP

6 Months Post OP

FUT hair transplant 2200 Grafts