FUE hair transplant 1700 Grafts

This patient had grade 3 baldness. it was affecting only the frontal area. the patient had a  congenitally broad forehead and was looking for options  to cover this area so that it looks absolutely natural and suits his personality.

In this patient both the options of a FUT as well as a FUE surgery were possible. The hair loss wasn’t really progressive at a fast pace. The history was of very gradual and slow progression of the disease. The hair loss kind of stabilized even without any medication. The patient wanted more dense looks in the frontal area.

In FUE  because we take out multi-unit grafts the same number of grafts gives more density as compared to FUT. these grafts have less fat tissue which makes these grafts  less chubby so they are easier to fit in a smaller space more densely. since the hair loss was not rapidly progressive and the donor area was good,  we decided to go for FUE surgery. In fact we did the most advanced version of FUE  for him called DSFT  or direct stimulated follicular transplant. 

The patient did not want to shave off his head, to minimise a social downtime. show the surgery was done  without shaving off the recipient area. so he was able to cover his head from the frontal area and in the donor area trimming was done and it was like a buzz cut  within less than a week time. as you can see  in 1 week post op pictures,  he was able to cover the grafted area nicely.

Because of broad forehead Temple area needed attention and was addressed accordingly. Temple creation is such an important part of hairline designing,  which sometimes people tend to ignore or don’t pay enough attention too. You really need to have artistic skills and imagination to create something like this. Same formula of hair line is not going to work in every patient. Patients head is like an Empty Canvas, his grafts a power brush and paint,  we are the painter. so it is finally left to the imagination of the surgeon and as you know there is an old saying that the beauty lies in the eyes of beholder.

5 months pictures  show beautiful growth which looks absolutely stunning impeccable totally unrecognisable and perfectly suits the personality of patient. this is what you get when science meets art,  compassion meets passion  and skills meet honesty.

Pre OP

1 Month Post OP

5 Months Post OP