FUE BEARD transplant 1500 Grafts

This was an interesting case where the patient had undergone three hair transplantation procedures before coming to us. One of them was FUT surgery and the other two were FUE surgeries. The major concerns of this patient were, unnatural hairline, poor Donor and big gaps just behind the implantation area.

Almost 70% of the cases coming to us for repair hair transplantation surgeries. And every case is unique and is a different set of challenge for us. Just take a look at the donor area of this patient. He had contacted many clinics before coming to us and most of them  denied taking his case.

It is so important to address this patients concern. Now he had this problem and with our years of experience and compassion we had to provide him the solution. We cannot run away from the situation. We know that taking such cases is it challenge and it also puts our reputation at stake . But we are hair to help you guys. Really appreciate the confidence which our patients, put in us And the kind of believe with which they walk in our chamber.

So in this case the donor area was completely exhausted because of previous 3 surgeries. The shape of hairline was awkward. Because of 3 previous surgeries being done in a very small area in the frontal region the density of hair in that area was good.  In such cases to reshape the hairline we extract these wrongly placed grafts. These grafts are at different angles kind of randomly distributed and very difficult to extract.

A major concern while doing this is scarring. At the same time when we extract this here we have to plant new ones to reshape the hairline. Believe it or not this is not easy it needs years of honest hard work,  passion skill, art and kind of craziness. 

For the hair line and Temple work we needed some scalp hair. As you can see the temples were abruptly ending in his previous surgery and was looking really bad. So it was a big challenge to extract and recreate at the same time. It was kind of impossible to extract grafts from the donor area of scalp but we had to take out some grafts by FUE method from that area.

Fortunately the patient had good beard growth which we use to advantage, and some chest hair were also extracted by FUE to add on the density.

We could have done more body hair in this patient to achieve even more density but sometimes budget and time can be a major concern for the patient. The serial pictures show gradual improvement. And you can see the final results these are not actually the final results, they will improve further with time.

Hair look great and amazing. Now it looks very natural and doesn’t look like a transplant. The hairline has been done beautifully and very sophisticated magical work has been performed thoughtfully and intuitively, as a work of art.

We wish we could have met this patient earlier before all the three surgeries and wonder how beautiful results we could have given this patient. When you choose wrong method or not so experienced surgeon it is not only the money which is at stake what it is your priceless precious and Limited Donor area which no money can buy.

That is the reason why we emphasise on the importance of education and knowledge and that is the exact reason why we make so many Educational videos which you will find on our social media platforms.


  1. Poor density
  2. Very High number of grafts promised
  3. Damage to the donor area
  4. Gaps immediately behind transplanted hair


  1. Wrong selection of clinic & surgeon
  2. Improper research
  3. Wrong selection of technique
  4. Damage to the donor area
  5. Incorrect information


  1. After one failed FUE surgery, one should never do FUE again from the same donor, it reduces the donor density and there is a lot of wastage of grafts due to higher transection rates.
  2. Cheap hair transplant surgery can prove very costly later.
  3. Your donor area is limited and should be used cautiously.
  4. Proper & unbiased information is the key to right hair transplant.

Pre OP

15 Days Post OP

Donor Area

3 Months Post OP

5 Months Post OP

After 5 Months FUE BEARD transplant 1500 Grafts