DSFT hair transplant 1800 Grafts

Udit had Grade 3 Baldness, there was recession of the hair line as well as temples on both the sides were depleted. He was looking to restore the hairline. Hair transplant in young patients especially the restoration of hair line is very challenging. One has to plan it thoughtfully. Usually such patients have very high & unrealistic expectations.

They want that hairline like that of their teenage, which should not be done in most of the cases. One has to see the current grade of progression of disease & the response to treatment.

Hair transplant should be done when we achieve some kind of stability, although we know by nature in most of the cases it is progressive either slowly or sometimes at a rapid pace.

So while creating the hairline the possibility of future hair loss should always be kept in mind. If we create a very low hairline, even if the desired number of grafts is available at the current Grade of baldness, such patient can actually end up needing another transplant in less than 4 years times, sometime even earlier. So we should use minimal number of grafts and the hairline should not be brought too much down, no matter how much the patient insists.

We had both the options FUT & FUE. We decided for DSFT (Satya’s advanced version of FUE). As this method gives grafts of choice & more multi grafts so we can achieve a good density in the hairline area. But at the same time we are consuming these grafts at this time, so they won’t be available in future if required. So in case we need another surgery later on, it will be an FUT surgery. Sooner or later both FUT & FUE have to come into picture.

So choosing a clinic in the beginning with the experience of both FUT & FUE, will leave you with a lot more options & you will get the correct guidance.

The donor area healed nicely, amazing density we could achieve & nice temples were created on both the sides. The hairline at 4 months looks absolutely natural thanks to Satya’s Mimic Nature Hairline. We didn’t start finasteride to this patient. You must understand this fact that most of the cases which you see on internet, the patients are on 1 mg per day finasteride, which improves the thickness of miniaturised hair, so the result of transplant looks 2-3 times denser.

Please be aware of these things & choose wisely.

Pre OP

15 days Post OP

1 Month Post OP

After 4 months DSFT Hair Transplant 1800 Grafts