Are You a Victim of Bad Hair Transplant?

Don’t Lose Hope, We Are Here to Help You.

A transplant result gone bad not just cheats you financially but also take away your faith and hope in this procedure.

So when you are looking for a repair hair transplant, you should search for a surgeon with not just brilliant expertise but also the compassion to restore your faith and the passion to reignite your hopes.

The common causes behind a bad hair transplant  could be one of the following:

  • Hair growth given to you might be solely based on Finasteride.
  • The hair line if created too low, might set unrealistic and unsustainable expectations for you.
  • Grafts placed at incorrect angles might give you an unnatural look once you stop taking Finasteride.
  • Lack of surgical expertise may lead to a permanently scarred donor area.
  • Lack of experience of the operating surgeon in terms of various surgical techniques might exhaust all your donor area, thereby depriving

A repair hair transplant needs an experienced surgeon who has commanded mastery over all the various surgical or non-surgical techniques like FUT, FUE, body hair transplant, synthetic hair transplant, SMP, PRP etc. and who is confident enough to use a combination of these techniques to give you a sustainable natural looking hair line. 

Another quality that you should be looking for is a surgeon who can look into your eyes and tell you the truth, give you a reality check, and explain to you in detail about your procedure.

So do not look out for a short cut when it comes for hair restoration.