Biofiber Treatment

Synthetic Hair Transplant

Synthetic hair implantation is a very popular procedure worldwide, where natural looking hair are implanted in the scalp one by one exactly matching the existing original hair. The hair has a knot at the end and makes a firm grip inside the scalp after implantation. These hair can be styled in any way and give excellent cosmetic appearance. These hair are either from Italy (MEDICAP) or from Japan (NIDO). These hair are available in different colors and shades. These are made of polyamide fibers and have decades of extensive research behind them.

We, at Satya, have been doing this procedure for last 10 years. The maximum number of successful synthetic hair transplant have been done at our center. Main USP of the clinic is the speed and accuracy of implantation and 100% natural looking results. We can do around 5000 hair in a single session, which is far ahead of the industry standards. Even 10000 can be done on two consecutive days. So patient doesn’t have to come again and again for repeated sessions. This is especially useful for outstation patients.

This procedure is a boon for patients who don’t have enough donor area or time left for natural hair transplant or who don’t want natural hair transplant in India at all


It is particularly very important for our overseas patients as just in a single session they can get the entire job done. It saves a lot of time & travel expenses. Unlike a wig, this is very natural as the hair are fixed to the scalp and are absolutely natural looking. The hair are available in 15 or 30 cm length so you don’t have to wait for these hair to grow unlike natural hair transplant.

  • Bio Fibre (Italian Technique)
  • NIDO (Japanese Technique)

It is the latest technique, in which natural looking synthetic hair are implanted in the scalp of a patient. Very large areas which can’t be covered with natural hair transplantation can also be covered. It is ideal for patients who don’t want to wait for the results of natural hair transplantation to grow or those who don’t want a scar of natural Transplantation on the back of their head. You can have your bald patches instantly covered with natural looking synthetic hairs which are not weaving or wig but are actually implanted in the scalp one by one. These fibers are basically polyamide fibers, which have been made after years of extensive research.

This technique has been used to treat all kind of alopecia for more than a decade now in various parts of the world. These hairs are available in different shades, length (15, 30 cm), straight as well as curly, so depending upon patient’s hair color & type- they can be chosen. These hairs look exactly like natural hairs & it is almost impossible to differentiate between the two. These hairs can be washed & combed like natural hairs. A single hair is implanted in the scalp at a time. It has a knot at the end, which gets tied inside the scalp. 

Then fibrosis occurs around this end which gives the hair its strength. A test patch of 100 hairs is required before proceeding for a bigger session which is done after I month of test patch. Number of hairs required in a patient depends upon the size of bald area & the desirable density. In a single session 5000 hairs can be implanted. The procedure is painless and there is negligible blood loss. We have implanted as many as 18,000 fibers in a single patient of almost total hair loss. This is the highest number of synthetic hair transplant in India in a single patient and 2nd highest in the world as per the best of our knowledge.

Synthetic Hair Transplant


Advantages of Synthetic hair implantation


       1. No downtime

results are instant & patients don’t have to wait for these hair to grow unlike natural hair transplant India. In case of emergencies or some important event coming at a short notice (like marriage), it is a very good option. Later on natural hair transplantation procedure can also be done after removing these hairs.

      2. Excellent cosmetic acceptance:

they look exactly like natural hairs & it is really very difficult to differentiate these hairs from the natural ones.

      3. Limited donor area

patients who have limited donor area or who have exhausted the donor area, this is a good option.

Disadvantages of Synthetic Hair Implantation


     1. Not permanent:

This is just a temporary solution for baldness as there is 10-20% hair loss per year. You will have to get re implantations done may be once in a year.

     2. Regular cleaning:

there is formation of sebum plug at the root of these hairs. This has to be cleaned on regular basis (Once in 2-3 months). Failure to do so increases chances of infection & fall of these hairs. Cleaning is a simple procedure & anybody can do it after a little bit of training.

      3. Test patch:

we have to do a test patch of 100 hairs before going for a large session of synthetic hairs. As these hairs are not the part of your body, they can cause foreign body reactions. These types of reactions can be seen in 1-2 % of the cases Once cut these hairs would not grow unlike natural hairs, so one has to be very careful while styling them.

      4. Regular maintenance:

patients have to use some special shampoos & hair care products for the maintenance of these hairs. Still in spite of these limitations, Synthetic hair transplant has proven to be a good solution for baldness in patients with limited donor supply or having shortage of time.