There is an abundance of treatments available in the market to treat baldness. There is lot of research and advancement being done in this field. One such popular treatment is Stem Cell Therapy gaining lot of attention these days. Stem cells are parent cells that may proliferate and transform into numerous types of cells in our bodies. They are our body’s innate healing cells that have the capacity to restore adult tissues and operate as a repair mechanism.

In 2017, the stem cell treatment for hair loss was first discovered by the researchers at University of Pennsylvania. The experiment was first done on mice. The results were unbelievable and positive. When mice were given EPSCS, the cells began to regenerate human skin cell types along with hair follicles.

Basically, there are 2 types of stem cells i.e., embryonic and adult stem cells. The treatment with embryonic stem cells is considered illegal and hence, it is not performed anywhere in the world. While adult stem cell technology is widely accepted and used for baldness or alopecia. Hair follicles contain stem cells, and it is anticipated that activation of these stem cells or progenitor cells by follicular stem cells could lead to successful treating of baldness. The quantity of stem cells used has a direct impact on the procedure’s success. But this is more for a theoretical purpose rather than practical use.

Stem cell treatment is NOT for HUMANS.

Yes, you heard it right. Though the Italian researchers had experimented on mice first and got excellent results; it was not performed on humans and even now it hasn’t been experimented on human cells. The researchers were able to solve only part of the equation the more is yet to unveil.

Beware of such clinics that claim that they can provide you with stem cell therapy for hair loss in Delhi or elsewhere. Everything you hear about stem cell surgery in the market and on the internet is a way of manipulating people. What is being done under the name of stem cell treatment is nothing more than ineffective vitamin injections. Every day, we get a lot of queries and requests regarding stem cell treatment, also hair cloning issues. These are all experimental treatments and yet to get FDA approval.

BEWARE OF FAKE CLAIMS and prevent yourself from falling into the trap.

How to choose the perfect place for your hair transplant journey?

How to choose the perfect place for your hair transplant journey?
In today’s era, there is a commercially biased mad race, in which everyone, from the doctor to the patient, is running a commercially biased mad race of number of grafts, final level of the hairline and density of the transplanted hairs.
While all this is very important, but don’t forget that an aesthetically beautiful hairline is not just a number game of quantity of the grafts, but more importantly depends on the strategic placements of these grafts and the use of singular follicular units to give the hairline a much softer and natural look.
Another important point is the level at which the hairline is created. Though a low hairline is aesthtically tempting but is it sustainable in the long run? Instead of this, an appropriately placed hairline along with some enhancement of your temples can give you a much younger look.

Choose a surgeon who is well versed in all the various techniques of hair restoration like FUT, FUE, Body hair and synthetic hair transplant, SMP etc and who keeps the interest of his patient above his own personal gains and professional ego!
“A smart man learns from his own mistakes but a real sharp one learns from the mistakes that others have committed!” So be sharp and do your research properly. While comparing the results of hair transplant ask these questions to yourself and the treating doctor:

  1. Was the patient put on finasteride 1mg/day along with the transplant?
  2. What are the plans of the surgeon if the disease & baldness progress further?
  3. What is the state of the donor area after the surgery?
  4. Is your surgeon well versed in all the available surgical & non-surgical techniques of hair restoration?
  5. The final hairline as provided by your surgeon- will it be possible to sustain it in the long run.
  6. If in future, you require a repeat transplant, is there sufficient donor area left for it?

If the answer to any of the above questions is “NO”, then it means you are at the wrong place!

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