“All that glitters is not gold”

While going through the results of hair transplant at different places, you tend to compare the density, the number of grafts promised, the level of the hairline seen, and of course the cost at which all this is given. Some of you might have undertaken a hair transplant surgery and very happy with your results during the immediate post-operative period. But the bubble of your happiness might burst soon, once you realize that your results are not real. This statement may come to you as a surprise!

The lusturous hair growth that you are boosting about might just be the results of the wonder drug FINASTERIDE”. Finasteride use may be exaggerating the results of hair transplant surgery and sometimes even masking the incorrectly placed or poorly placed sparse number of grafts. But what will happen to your hair transplant results, once this medicine stops working or when you stop taking it i.e, when you develop either tolerance or unavoidable side effects to Finasteride. Imagine what will you do at this point?

So do not run in the rat race of density or number of grafts.