Hair Transplant is a Journey and not a Destination

Don’t Lose Hope, We Are Here to Help You.

Dr.Shaiil believes hair transplant to be a long journey and not a single stop destination. Therefore, he becomes the life long mentor of his patient’s journey & guides them on this road of hair restoration.

Your hair transplant journey requires not just a skilled surgeon but also a careful planning to give you the longest lasting natural look.

A surgeon who is equipped with all the available weapons in his arsenal (i.e various surgical and non-surgical techniques) to give the best possible results to his patients.

Above everything else, a surgeon should be willing to keep the interest of his patient above his personal gains & professional ego.

A successful hair restoration requires careful introduction of various medical & surgical options at the right time and in optimum amount.

A progressive condition like androgenetic aloepecia on male pattern baldness requires consistent efforts on parts of both the patient and the surgeon.

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