FUT+FUE transplant 2300+400 Grafts

Amit bad hair repair (John): John had come to us after getting a real bad hair transplant. This hairline not only looked unnatural, but looked really horrible & very feminine. Now this hairline had a lot of issues. Grafts were really placed very close & hair were very thick. The angles were almost standing into the face & obviously such cases are very difficult to repair. We can’t do this by just filling it up. So in such cases it is important to extract the wrongly placed grafts & recreate the hairline. But how far should one go, this also an important question. Because we can’t go to high, there are issues of scarring as well. Then merging these hair with the existing ones is also very tricky.

But that is what Satya know for. We have years of experience dealing with such cases & that is the reason why Satya is world’s no. 1 repair hair transplant clinic. The wrongly placed grafts were extracted carefully with sharp platinum punches & these grafts were reused. A new hairline was created, which obviously requires a lot of skill & expertise. Patient had a bad scar of FUT surgery. Another FUT surgery was done in this patient which actually removed the scar of previous surgery & we ended up having a thin fine line due to trichophytic closure. The entire surgery was done without reducing the donor density at the back of head & even the crown area was filled nicely, as you can see the result.

In fact the hairline also looks natural with good temple creation on both the sides. Another concern was scarring of the areas from where grafts were extracted. It healed pretty well and little bit of scarring which he had we could remove it with the help of scarilte laser.

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