FUT hair transplant 2500 Grafts

Hair transplantation is a procedure which people think that only males get done. A lot of females and transgender patients also opt for hair transplantation procedure. We know hair transplantation is an art more so in patients like this. She had recession of hairline like males and wanted to restore it. 

In this case patient had good Donor area and both the options FUT as well as FUE were possible. Patient did not want to shave off her head even then FUE was possible in this case. Both options were given to the patient telling the pros and cons of the procedures. To know more about differences between FUT and FUE  you can contact us +91-99995-70494 or mail to query.satyaskinhair@gmail.com. we have made a lot of Educational videos on this topic, which are there on our YouTube channel and other social media platforms.

We did just 2000 FUT grafts for her. In 15 days post of picture you can see the graft placement. Creating a hair line in a female patient is even more difficult as compared to males. Most of the surgeons including myself are comfortable while designing a hairline for males, But we love to do it for females also. Satya’s mimic nature hairline has become a landmark  as far is the aesthetic part of hairline designing is concerned. 

You can see the result looks amazing absolutely natural nobody can tell that this is a transplant.

Contact us- +9199995-70494 and for more such transformations & do watch the videos present on our YouTube channel to understand the concept of FUT & FUE well.

Pre OP

9 Months Post OP

Pre Post OP