FUT hair transplant 2000 Grafts

This patient  is a pop singer and  an actor. He was from London and had earlier got a hair transplant done in the frontal area,  with which he wasn’t very happy. 

The hairline looked very very unnatural and pluggy. His hair used to look like a big and that really was making him very conscious about his looks and the kind of profession he was in  that was totally unacceptable.

He was also thinking in the Crown area significantly. Two major concerns which this patient had work the hairline correction and the Crown area filling. But at the same time he didn’t want to shave off because he had some shoots coming up.

The first surgery which he had undergone was an FUE surgery somewhere else.

He came to know about Satya clinic  through some of his friends,  who had undergone a transplant at Satya. there was a lot of questions in this patience mind which was very obvious. We spent a lot of time with this patient to understand his needs his concerns his apprehensions, his expectations and obviously the capability of his Donor area to heal good number of crafts.

Whenever we are dealing with the repair case who has undergone earlier 1 transplant or more Deonar area becomes a problem in most of the cases depending upon the number of grafts extracted in the previous surgery. Fortunately he still had a good Donor area left.

If a person has undergone an FUE surgery earlier the donor area gets depleted and it is not a good idea to repeat another FUE from the same Donor zone. We always emphasise this fact that most of the multigrafts had been extracted in the first FUE surgery and in most of such cases the non-permanent donor zone had also been involved.

Because of the scarring of previous FUE surgery the angles of remaining hair change leading to higher transaction rates. You can discuss these things with us or watch our Educational videos distributed on social media platforms.

In this patient mostly multigrafts were used in the frontal hairline zone and the temples were not created at all that is why it was looking unnatural and ugly. We would have loved to extract the wrongly planted grafts and recreate the temples but because the patient had some shoot coming up we could not do that. So we just worked upon the hairline making it subtle and in a gradient manner. The surgery was done without shaving off the head by FUT method.

The Crown area was covered simultaneously and the graphs for planted in between the existing hair.

Patient had a lot of fears about pain as it was being told or as a part of general perception that FUT surgery is way more painful than FUE surgery. Patient went back to London the very next day and got stitches remove their itself. He kept on updating us with his pictures. There was continuous improvement in subsequent pictures and finally when he came to India after 1 year we were just amazed to see e another magical transformation.

At the time of surgery we also read facial PRP or vampire facelift, the results of this procedure will also visible as his skin and face was glowing. Perhaps one of the contributing factors would have been the hair growth of his dreams had come true.

His hairline look stunning amazing totally undetectable and now he could style his hair the way he  always wanted. Being in the glamour industry this procedure made is life easy. The Crown area also so look covered so nicely that it was impossible  to even say that a transplant has been done.

Another area of concern was the scar of FUT surgery. because of trichophytic closure technique in FUT surgery there was hardly any scar and the donor area was also show saved for future usage. just in case  he needs another transplant after some years because of thinning of existing hair or sometimes because of thinning of the transplanted ones as well we can easily  do a hair transplantation for him. through our videos we always emphasise and highlight  this point that  the results of hair transplantation procedure or not permanent and one has to take medicines in order to sustain these hair for long period of time. you may ask us to clarify this  point or go through our Educational videos on social media platforms. we wish that this patient had met us earlier.

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Final Result FUT hair transplant 2000 Grafts