Hair transplant surgery has become very popular among people who are facing hair loss problems and baldness. However, one of the limiting factors in achieving a successful outcome is that the donor area is limited in
patients with extensive baldness and exhausted in repair transplant cases.

Body hair transplant is a blessing for such patients. In this procedure, the surgeon uses the hair from body parts other than head like beard, chest, armpits, abdomen, arms or legs as donor hair.

It is done using the FUE technique with small punches ranging from 0.7 to 1
mm in size.

Indications of Body Hair Transplant

1.  High grade baldness: When a person has high grade baldness like grade 6 or 7 in Norwood-Hamilton scale, the donor at back of scalp is not enough. Body hair can be combined with scalp hair to give a good coverage in such

2. Poor donor: Some persons have sparse hair in the donor zone, body hair can supplement this deficit.

3. Exhausted donor: In many cases, donor area has been used up in previous hair transplants and body hair need to be harvested to provide additional donor hair.

4. To cover scar of previous strip surgery/FUT: In some patients, strip surgery leads to unsightly scars particularly when surgeon doesn’t use trichophytic closure technique. Beard hairs can be used to cover such scars if scalp doesn’t have enough donor or we would like to preserve it for further sessions of natural hair transplant on head.

5. Scars on moustache/beard: If there are any scars on moustache or beard areas, we may take hairs from the beard itself as they would make a better match

Preferred donor sites in body hair transplant

Beard hair are most preferred in a BHT. Grafts are taken from beneath the chin area and upper neck part of beard using FUE technique. As these hair are coarse and thick, they provide a better coverage. However, these should not be used for anterior hair line and temples where they would look unnatural. Chest is the next preferred site for BHT after beard, these hair are usually finer than scalp hair and provide much less coverage. These can be used for hairline and temples for the fine artistic work or to provide additional coverage elsewhere. Hair from the arm, underarm, pubic region, and thigh can also be taken if additional density is required.

Limitations of BHT:

●  The number of follicles in each follicular unit in body hairs is 1-2 as compared to 1-4 in scalp hair. Therefore, number of hair in equal number of grafts extracted would be lower(one third to one half).

●  The transaction rate of grafts during the extraction is much higher as the hair exits the skin at very acute angles making the procedure much more technically difficult than scalp FUE.

●  The extraction is more time-consuming and skill intensive; only surgeons with enough experience in this field can extract body hair successfully.

●  BHT alone doesn’t provide sufficient coverage or aesthetic results. At Satya Skin Hair & Transplant clinic, we mix it with some scalp donor hair to provide a beautiful hairline as well as a good density.

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