Beard hair transplant can be done for every male who hasn’t been able to grow his beard or has been losing beard hair for some reason. Beard is considered a symbol of masculinity and it makes a man more confident and attractive. Now-a-days, keeping a beard has become fashionable with style icons such as Virat Kohli, Ranveer Singh, and Fawad Khan sporting their trendy beards. These are role models for our younger generation and people aspire to be like them, and try to imitate their looks.

Patients who do not have enough beard hair density, hunt for various alternatives to develop a thick and luscious beard. This is one of the factors that makes Beard hair transplant so trendy these days, and people are
becoming increasingly interested in it. Thanks to modern science, it is now possible to grow the hair of your beard with a natural hair transplant.

Hair growth in the beard and moustache area could be sparse due to genetic, environmental, or hormonal influences Indications Of Beard/Moustache Transplant:

  • Sparse growth in these areas due to genetic/hormonal reasons
  • Long standing and stable Alopecia areata (preferably after a test patch)
  • Post-traumatic/ post-operative/accidental/burn scars in these areas.

Satya hair transplant clinic offers the best beard treatment in Delhi as a permanent solution. The beard transplant is a highly skilled work that should be done by an experienced hair surgeon. At SATYA, our team of doctors and surgeons under the guidance of Dr Shaiil Gupta provide you with a logical, rational and realistic solution in an aesthetically appealing way.

In this surgery, the doctor first extracts the hair follicles from the donor side i.e., the back side of your head and then implants them into the facial area to give you a perfect beard shape. It will take almost 10 weeks after the transplantation to start shaving normally.

People who have sparse beard hair and are opting for a beard transplant may need a scalp hair transplant also at some point in life if they develop male pattern baldness in future. That is why, it is very important to be realistic and rational in deciding the number of grafts and the method of graft extraction for beard as the main donor site in both these cases is back of head.

Things to keep in mind before opting for the beard transplant:

  • The age of the patient should be at least 24- 25 years.
  • He should not be suffering from any other kind of alopecia.
  • He should have a healthy donor area.
  • The decision of the volume of the beard should be mutual (transplant
    surgeon and patient).

At Satya, we also do a lot of repair transplants for both scalp and beard. The issues we encounter commonly during repair beard transplant include uneven hair growth, hairs placed at wrong
angles and cobble-stoning of skin (which will be seen even after shaving the hair and thus makes shaving difficult, too).


A lot of advancement has been made in medical and surgical restoration of natural hair, but there are some special cases where these techniques fail to provide an aesthetic and long-term solution. Synthetic hair implants help to bridge this gap by providing a quick, effective and natural looking result.

  • Biofibre is an artificial biocompatible hair made by Medicap, Italy whereas Nido has been developed by Nido Corporation, Japan.
  • These have been made after years of extensive research for males and females suffering from hair thinning or baldness.
  • These are made of advanced inert materials which are well accepted by the human body.
  • This technique has been used to treat all kind of alopecia for more than 2 decades now in various parts of the world.
  • These hairs are available in different colour shades, different lengths (15,30 & 45 cm); straight, wavy, curly, afro; so, they can be chosen depending upon patient’s hair colour & type.
  • Each fibre has a special reversible knot which provides an excellent strength to these implants; at the same time, it allows complete fibre removal if required due to any reason.

Your bald patches can be instantly covered with these natural looking synthetic hairs. It is almost impossible to differentiate between these fibres and your own hair. These hairs can be washed & combed like natural hairs. Unlike weaving or wig, these fibres are actually implanted in the scalp one by one.


-Time constraint: If a patient has some important life event like marriage
coming up and the time for results of natural hair transplant to come is
insufficient, he or she may opt for a synthetic implant.
-Poor donor: If the donor area is insufficient for a successful natural hair
transplant, patients often opt for synthetic implant to get a completely natural
looking result.
-Exhausted donor: In some patients, the donor area at the back of scalp gets
exhausted due to previous unsuccessful natural hair transplants. Such patients
can opt for synthetic implants alone or a combination approach using body hair,
scalp micropigmentation and synthetic hair implants.
-Phobia of a surgical process of hair restoration.
-Alopecia Totalis or Alopecia universalis: These are a kind of autoimmune
disease where patients lose all their hair from the scalp or from all over the
body. Synthetic hair implants can help restore their looks and confidence.
-Post traumatic or post-operative scars
-Scarring alopecia

Advantages of Synthetic hair implantation:

1. Instant results: The results are immediate and you don’t need to wait for 6-8 months like in a natural hair transplant procedure.
2. Excellent cosmetic acceptance: These fibres look exactly like natural hairs & it is hard to differentiate these hairs from your own hair.
3. No limit in number: There is no constraint in their supply, so you may opt for as many fibres to get your desired hairstyle.
4. They come in various colors and lengths so you can customize them as per your hair type and style.
5. Minimal pain and downtime

Points to remember before opting for Synthetic hair implant:

1. Not a permanent solution: The longevity of these implants is limited as there is a 10-20% loss per year. You will have to get re-implantations done roughly once a year to maintain the density.
2. Regular cleaning:
Our scalp, being a living tissue, regularly produces dead cells and sebum which tends to accumulate at the base of these fibres. These sebum plugs should be cleaned on a regular basis (at least, once in 3 months). If care is not taken, it may lead to bacterial infection, skin damage and hair loss. Cleaning is a simple procedure & any of your family members or local barber can do it after a little
● bit of training.
3. Test patch:
Although these are made after extensive research and generally biocompatible, they can cause foreign body reactions in 1-2 % of the cases. So a test patch of around 100 biofibres is done and then evaluated at 3-4 weeks to rule out any foreign body reaction.
4. Once cut, they do not have the capacity to grow back in length. So you need to be very careful when visiting a salon for a haircut. High ambient temperatures and heat styling should also be avoided.
5. Expensive: As these fibres are manufactured under patent only in Italy(Biofibre) and Japan(Nido), they need to be imported and so cost can be a limiting factor for some patients.

Satya has been performing synthetic hair implants for the past sixteen years. Our institution has performed the greatest number of successful synthetic hair transplants. The clinic’s main USP is the quickness and accuracy with which these fibres are implanted, as well as the natural appearance of the outcomes. In a single session, we can do up to 5000 fibres which is considerably ahead of industry standards. Even 10,000 can be completed in two days obliterating the need for repeated visits, especially important for patients who live far away. We believe in the key principle of “Less hairs, more coverage” thereby giving you a more natural fuller look. The price of biofibres vary greatly at different centres, but while finalising this treatment focus on the quality of fibres and the experience of the surgeon. A SUCCESSFUL and SUSTAINABLE BIOFIBRE TRANSPLANT is a combination of art and surgical skills, two things Dr. Shaiil excels at!

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